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'A Jewel of Nature'  Peacock Butterfly

'A Jewel of Nature' Peacock Butterfly


A Jewel of Nature(Peacock Butterfly - Aglais io) Watching the many creatures coming and going, as I have my first coffee of the day. I'm lucky enough to have the pleasure of different types of wild animals and insects surrounding me. This makes my commute to work very pleasurable (only 1min, but it takes longer the more wildlife I stop to admire!) Butterflies represent lightness and fickleness joy and bliss. It is very closely related to love and don't you just love a butterfly! Put together with the feather, which symbolises honor, trust, strength, wisdom, power and freedom. Can have such a significant meaning to us all. The peacock butterfly has been painted with acrylic paints onto a real goose feather from my own flock of poultry (shed naturally). Professionally framed in solid oak. (20cms x 16cms)


This little cutie has been painted using acrylic paints. It has been professionally framed in solid oak with art-glass. This glass is used by the finest museums. The glass is so transparent that you feel you can actually touch the feather!


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