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'Miss Vanessa' Red Admiral Butterfly

'Miss Vanessa' Red Admiral Butterfly


'Miss Vanessa' (Red Admiral - Vanessa atalanata) Whilst feeding my flock of geese by the large nature pond on my smallholding. I find that nature loves my wildlife area. We have segregated a lot of our land off, leaving it for the wildlife to use. It makes living here so calming and relaxing. It sets me up the day! I'm so engrossed by the activities of nature, whilst I have my first coffee of the day. Sometimes I find myself here a lot longer than I should be!The delicate beauty of the butterfly with their transformation and rebirth brings change. Are everywhere around my pond. The butterfly represents lightness and fickleness joy and bliss. It is very closely related to love and don't you just love a butterfly! Put together with the feather, which symbolises honor, trust, strength, wisdom, power and freedom. It can have such a significant meaning to us all through these strange times. This Red Admiral Butterfly is painted using acrylics on a real goose feather from my own flock. (No birds were harmed in this process, I use naturally shed feathers, which I collect after feeding them.) Solid oak frame measures 16cms x 20cms


This little cutie has been painted using acrylic paints. It has been professionally framed in solid oak with art-glass. This glass is used by the finest museums. The glass is so transparent that you feel you can actually touch the feather!


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