Birds are such an important part of my life. The first thing I do in a morning is feed my chickens, ducks and geese.

I'm so lucky to live in a remote part of Yorkshire where half of my property is turned over to wildlife.

The first coffee of the day normally involves seeing a greater spotted wood pecker, tree creeper, wren and the very familiar robin. At this time of year I also have the pleasure of seeing jays in oak trees and the heron is pretty much resident.

My husband has always been interested in birds, but its only recently that I have realised how much daily pleasure they now bring to me.

The occasional sighting of a kingfisher on our pond and our resident tawny owls in the oak trees are a special treat.

Lock-down has afforded us the time to clear the loft. As well as finding some amazing photographs of birds which my husband had taken. I was delighted to find my historical art work.

There was undoubtedly a common theme, Indian headdress, kestrel, blue tits and I suddenly realised the link was feathers.

I've loved painting since I was a child and have fond memories of sitting with my grandparents on a Saturday afternoon creating art.

Whilst such an important part of my childhood my art sadly took a back seat to motherhood and a career in nursing.


Fortunately my two amazing children have now left home and having started my own poultry business nine years ago at Sutherland Farm. I have realised the time has come to pursue my real passion