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About the Artist
Julie Cunningham

The artist, Julie Cunningham, born in Doncaster, but now lives on a smallholding outside a friendly village in the East Riding of Yorkshire. 

This move, according to Julie, is one of the best moves she and her husband have made. This has given her the opportunity to pursue her passion for farm animals, wildlife and painting.

She has found herself endeavouring to capture some of the character and

beauty of nature, experimenting with different materials and media before choosing feathers. She uses her skills in painting a varied selection of animals, on a very unusual canvas. The thing that sets Julie apart from other artists in the same field is her eye for fine detail in such a miniature and delicate canvas.

The Feather may mean different things to different people. The most

common being; A white feather is sent to offer you encouragement, provide

guidance and to let you know that you or a loved one is still around.

Feathers have such a profound meaning to a lot of people, but have a real

significance to Julie.

There always seems to be a feather landing on or near her when she is either feeling down or has lost a loved one. They appear in the strangest places at the most inopportune times. She started to notice this more a few years ago with the very sad passing of her grandson at only 17 days old!

The feathers have been shed naturally from her own flock. Her idea to use the feathers as a canvas has meant that they are no longer just a discarded produce of the birds, but are now put to good use.

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