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Meet Bruce the 'Hairy Coo'. He's very cheeky, licking his nose. Can you do that? 'Bruce' lives on a spacious 75 acre croft on the tiny Inner Hebridean Isle of Lismore, itself only 10 miles long. The farm is managed ‘holistically’, meaning that they consider that every element of the farm is interlinked, they are working with nature, not against her. 'Bruce' is helping to make a positive difference to our carbon footprint.


'Bruce' is a ceramic sculpture, measuring 30 cms x 28 cms including a solid handcrafted stand. 'Bruce' is best displayed on your table, sideboard or shelf.


He has just been in a gallery competition and got through to the shortlist of 30 from over 1000 applications, with over 2000 votes.


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